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"Ever since the beginning of time...GUARDIANS roamed the Earth. They have unbelievable abilities, which made them considered witches and were shunned by everyone. There are different types of GUARDIANS, which are called Lycrons. The first Lycron, Drana, is the mose popular Lycron. It has the color of Blue and Cyan. They specialize in defensive powers, like a GUARDIAN should, so if they use defensive powers, they don't drain Eion, or GUARDIAN energy. There is also Scopior. Scopior are long ranged, weaponry GUARDIANS. They have Orange and Yellow colors. They can also literally create things out of their hands made of pure Eion. Those are the natural GUARDIANS. The unnatural GUARDIANS are Psycion and Godlarrs. The government take as much GUARDIANS as they can and their scientists study their DNA. Those scientists tried to make their own GUARDIAN, and make it as their own controlled assassins. After their first test, something went wrong. All of their work, vanished, and chemicals of an unnatural GUARDIAN flooded Earth. Those chemicals made a new Lycron: Psycions. It became a red colored, soul draining, mind-controlling threat to everyone. These Psycions only way to live is to drain souls. The last Lycron is Godlarrs. Godlarrs, which actually is natural, are the greatest type of GUARDIAN. Godlarrs have the color Cyan when not mastered, and white when mastered. To Godlarrs, draining Eion is nothing, because they don't. Godlarrs are the main GUARDIAN sent to Earth to save humans from every milennia's devestation that happens to Earth. They have Drana, Scopior, and some-of-their-own powers. And you know the best part? Millenia of the 2000's is my daughter, Elizabeth. 'We knew she was a GUARDIAN when she was born, but now we know that she is a Godlarr, and now people are on her like a dog. But...I will do anything and everything for her.
It is now 2067...and although we have our advances, we have something coming that could destroy the world forever..."
-Sean Lennor

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