Elizabeth Sally Lennor, mostly known as "Lizzie" or "Liz", is the second main character of GUARD1AN. She is the daughter of Miranda and Sean Lennor.

Early Life Edit

Birth Edit

Elizabeth Lennor was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Sean and Miranda Lennor. When she was born, she didn't cry at all. She had glowing cyan eyes, also. When the doctor told them of the situation, he confirmed Elizabeth was a GUARDIAN. After the parents accepted the fact that she was, the dedicated themselves to protecting and serving GUARDIANS.

Childhood Edit

Elizabeth (now takes the nickname "Lizzie") did not know of her powers as a toddler. Lizzie turned four when her mother got captured by Kalore and Lenn. Ever since then, she was extremely quiet. After a while, these two teens, Floyd Benjamin and Samantha Krauna started to pick on them. It escalated to cussing, then to spitting, then to pushing, then to straight mugging without mercy. She always went home with cuts and bruises, but didn't tell his father what happened.

This day she was at recess, then Sam and Floyd cane up to her and threatened that if Lizzie didn't give her all her money, they would beat her until she bleeds. Lizzie didn't have any money, so Sam threw her down and they both stomped on her. Kids came up around them and cheered them on. Lizzie was screaming, crying, and bleeding. Then...she just stops screaming, and her eyes glowed cyan. Then she exploded in rage, blasting everyone back, and all the kids run away. Lizzie uppercuts Sam, then rage combos Floyd, killing him. That is when she finds out her powers. She goes home, with blood of hers, and the teenagers, crying. Samantha went to the hospital and was announced paralyzed for life, and Lizzie was arrested. Her punishment (since she was only 5) was three years on house arrest. They eventually dropped it to two.