Lycrons are the different types of GUARDIANS there are on Earth. There are thirteen types of GUARDIAN Lycrons:

Drana Edit


Drana is the most popular Lycron, due to bloodlines. Drana is the defensive GUARDIAN, and does not lose Eion using any power to protect itself, or others. The approxamite population in the current time is 13,900.

History Edit

Drana has been the main GUARDIAN ever since the begging of time, and also was the first GUARDIAN shunned from the humans. The first Drana GUARDIAN ever recorded was Sha'Trana Kuazo in Egypt, in 284 bc. It was reportedly "a godly flying person of an blue [glow]". Sha'Trana was worshipped as a pharoh in a small civillization, and did not spread his knowabouts to anyone outside of the tribe. although, in 291bc., Sha'Trana was assassinated by a bounty hunter, sent by the leader of the civillization. He did not know that Sha'Trana could die, but he needed to do something because he was losing power in his civillization.

Powers Edit

Dranas have a large amount of powers, but most of them drain Eion. These are the ones that they don't:

  • Eion Sheild

This sheild is made of pure Eion, and nothing can penetrate it as long as it stands. The caster is temporarily immobile when in use.

  • Viaonaz Skin

This power is named after Randal Viaonaz, the first survivor of GUARDIAN testing. This power acts like a second skin, and most things that hit it ricochet off of it. Although, Eion and explosives can penetrate it.

  • Healing

This power is hard to learn, but very useful if you learn it. Drana GUARDIANS use Eion to repair or heal anything, including themselves. This power works better and quicker if they use it on another GUARDIAN.

  • Drana Scythes

This is the only power that will not use Eion that can be used as an attack. Blue Eion swords (about 12 in.) come out of the back of a GUARDIAN's hand and, like Eion Shield, nothing can penetrate it. Only so, it cannot be moved like the Eion Shield, and you can use it without immobilizing. These scythes can be used to cut victims.

Scopior Edit


Scopiors are the second most famous Lycron. These GUARDIANS do not drain Eion using weaponry or offensive moves.The approxamite population for Scopiors currently is 7,200.

History Edit

Just like Drana, Scopiors have roamed Earth pretty much forever. But the Scopior were not shunned as quickly as Drana. They were much easier to hide their powers, because most of their powers are not visible.

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