Sean Travis Lennor is the main character of GUARD1AN, and is a protector and father of Lizzie. Sean is currently searching for Kalore and Lenn to get his wife, Miranda, back.

Early Life


Sean Lennor was born April 17, 2036 in Boston, Massachusetts by Jeff and Sierra Lennor, his mother and father. When Sean was born, his parents noticed he loved to watch fighting movies, shows, games, and more. His father knew it would come in handy.


At the age of 7, Sean's father put him in classes of Tai-Kwon-Do for self-defense. Sean was phenomenal, and he was the top of his class, so his father put him in multiple different classes and multiple different martial arts. When he was the age of 10, he was a black belt in numerous classes.

When Sean was in school, he always got in fights, and every single one, he emerged victorious, although he was expelled from three different schools. When he was 13, Sean was also arrested for fighting, and was in jail for six months. Afterwards, he vowed not to fight unless self defense.

Sean and Miranda


When Sean was 17 years old, he went to a MMA Class to use his skills in sports. He improved his endurance, but the moves people taught were second-nature to him. After a quick training, he started his exhibition. His first match was against a guy named Cody White. Sean went in to the ring and was phenomenal, and nearly killed Cody with a signature submission of his.

After his win, he went outside and was about to go home when Cody came out of nowhere and tried to scalp Sean with knife. Cody only cut near his eye, then Sean broke his hand, then took Cody's knife and stabbed him to death.

Sean ran to a hospital and went to an emergency room for his eye. His doctor was Miranda Saleen. After she helped Sean, they began talking to each other, and Sean found out that she took the same Tai-Kwon-Do class that he did. After about a week, Sean and Miranda started dating.


Sean and Miranda were dating for about 2 years, but then Sean had to leave Boston to go to Cambridge, Massachusetts for about a year for MMA reasons. When he went to Cambridge, he won $500,000 in fight money. Sean bought a diamond (Which is extremely rare), and when Sean was 22, and Miranda was 20, Sean proposed to Miranda at the Boston Harbor, and eventually got married at that same place. They bought there own house in Cambridge after 1 month of their marriage, and they both lived there.

Elizabeth Lennor

In the year 2060, Miranda was pregnant with a girl. Sean and Miranda named her Elizabeth Stacy Lennor. She was born March 6, 2060. After she was born, they recognized traits of Elizabeth that were only from a GUARDIAN. She had glowing cyan eyes and didn't cry when she was born. They were in denial in the beginning, but then they knew that she was no ordinary GUARDIAN, because usually GUARDIANS are born by GUARDIAN parents, and neither Sean nor Miranda had GUARDIAN powers. After that, Sean and Miranda both vowed to protect all GUARDIANS, protect Elizabeth, and not to tell her that she is a GUARDIAN until she is older.

The Loss of Miranda

When Elizabeth (Now takes the name "Lizzie" or "Liz") turned six, Miranda and Sean went on a stealth mission to stop a signature between the President of New USA, and a group called [unknown], lead by Kalore and Lenn. When they entered the building (from the top sun roof), Lenn was there to stop them. Lenn fought Sean and Miranda together, but Lenn hurt Sean until on the ground and couldn't move, then snapped Miranda's neck, temporarily knocking her out. They took Miranda prisoner and left Sean in the building alone.