Thaddeus Evan Kytle (mostly known as "TEK") is a character on GUARD1AN.

Early Life Edit

Birth Edit

    Thaddeus Kytle was born January 26, 2060 in Boston, Massachusetts, by Ron and Lydia Kytle. Thaddeus had facination with toy cars, just like any other young boy, but he wanted to know it inside and out. So he liked to take it apart, see how it works, try to put it back together. His parents noticed he is becoming phenomenal at what he is doing.

Childhood Edit

Once Thaddeus went to school, his Kindergarten teacher saw his talents, and nicknamed him after his initials: "TEK".

In first grade, he met a girl named Elizabeth Lennor. They were both in a school play, and they were both on lead parts, and they became best friends ever since. Although they were best friends, Lizzie didn't tell TEK that she was a GUARDIAN.